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A Timeless Artist

Welcome to TheArtStudio.com. Years of experience eventually led to the inception of TheArtStudio.com.  With a unique artistic voice, playful and evocative sense of exploration, I continue to be experimental in my work. I hope you enjoy.


Story of An Artist

My name is Juli McEachern-Havens but everyone calls me JuJu. I am an artist based in the Dallas Texas area who strives to explore many facets of creative expression. My work is organic in nature as I am drawn to natural shapes and occurrences, internal anatomy and how it works, as well as the contemporary human condition and the history that got us all here.  I also just have fun. I enjoy puppets, theater, and pranks so I sometimes allow myself to just explore and play.    Every day I am filled with gratitude for the magic of creativity I observe everywhere in everything and I am driven to contribute.


My Creations

Each year, my work grows and evolves into something bigger, more interesting, and better. As an artist, there is no greater pleasure for me than finding genuine growth and improvement in my projects. As I have grown and matured, so has my art. Below are some of the pieces I recently created in my studio.

Mighty Molar Stone Puppets

The Unfolding

The Unfolding II


Fear is a thief and hope is a beggar fearlessly live in the moments of now.



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Richardson TX United States