Fall Fragment

Fall is warm, rich colors, clearly evidenced with the changing color of leaves. From cinnamon red to chocolatey brown, here are the autumn hues and their associated emotions. A bright and warm color, orange represents positive emotions, such as joy and happiness, as it combines the stimulation of red and the cheerfulness of yellow. I look forward to Fall every year with childlike anticipation. 
"Fall Fragment" is my original painting/ sculpture one of a kind artwork. It combines classical architectural decorative elements with a contemporary subject style fresco painting. Its a timeless piece at home in traditional or modern space. 
 It combines fresco, sculpture, molding techniques and materials science.  After much experimenting, I am satisfied with my custom recipe for this plaster type mixture for its strength, color retention, surface texture, and relatively lightweight weight of about 6 lbs. Wooden bars attached to the back makes hanging super simple.  A ready to hang, a unique piece of artwork to treasure for many years.


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