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A Difficult Birth

A Difficult Birth

"A Difficult Birth" 46”x46” Mixed media on stretched canvas. Edges are finished. As inspiration arrives my process evolves. This piece was a testament to perseverance. I sculpted the organic shapes in clay, made a silicone mold, and then a mother mold to safely hold the deep contours of the desired shapes. There was a chemical reaction that fused the mother mold to the original mold. It became necessary to carefully chip away the mother mold to reveal the final casting in expanded ridged foam. It was a slow process requiring several days and immense patience. A direct unfolding from the source of all things is always my goal. As a professional artist, I am constantly inspired by my surroundings with my conscious awareness and perhaps, more importantly, my subconscious awareness. Often as I work, I see elements of anatomy naturally evolve. "A Difficult Birth" has many strong female shapes.
I am strongly influenced by natural organic forms found in the perfection of nature as well as the contrived creations of our contrived world. I am exploring principles of quantum theory and light energy as the universal vehicle for information as electromagnetic waves and distinct particles at varying frequencies. I explore many different materials that accomplish my final visions of organic representational sequences of the natural observed and unobserved world.

  • Available in custom colors

  • Custom Colors Available

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