Blue Jay And A Lady Painting

Blue Jay And A Lady Painting

Blue Jay and A Lady is an original one of a kind painting on wood panel from an original pencil drawing study. Besides their striking beauty, Blue Jays symbolize speaking truth, intelligence, and curiosity. Blue Jays are determined and intelligent. If a blue jay appears in your life you should feel courage and clarity.  It is said that if a ladybug appears it will bring you luck, good fortune, and even love. Blue Jay and a Lady together make a wonderful gift for a bride -lucky and blue, bird lover,  nature lover or art collector.  It will be truly treasured for years.

Framed in a handmade shadowbox frame 1-1/2-inch-deep, custom stained with silver leafing on the inside panel. Ready to hang 21”x 19-1/2” original art piece.


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